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Our Favorite Golf Score App

By: Tenna Merchent on August 28th, 2012

Clay wanted a way to keep his golf scores. The way his Dad does when he caddies for him, with all the details. He wants to know:

  • greens in regulation,
  • number of putts,
  • scrambles
  • sand saves
  • fairways hit

He wants all that detail so he can see where he left shots on the course (which is usually on the putting green).

So I spent a couple of hours over the course of a couple of days on the app store looking at all the golf score apps. There are a lot of them, and many of them are very similar. In the beginning it was a little overwhelming.

I took screen shots, and studied and compared the differences. One bubbled to the top, called myGolfStats, you can see their website. I wish these apps would be more consistent in their naming conventions, on their website they call it myStrokeTracker, but don’t let that imperfection stop you from considering it. Because from what I can tell, in today’s world, it’s the best one out there for keeping the details.

Here is a screen grab where he has recored some of his scores. You can see that it has all the details he is looking for.

screen grab


Plus you can use it to communicate with the USGA for your handicap if you like. You can also preview it on the iTunes store.

It is a tool for us to keep track of where shots were successful, and where they didn’t go as planned. Yes, we could do it on paper, and we have in the past.

Funny thing is, after the round, we take a picture of the scorecard with our phone so that we don’t lose it!

PurgatoryGC, and the Merchent’s have no relationship with this app developer other than being a paying client. The app cost $2.99 in today’s world, by the way.

If you do use this app, or anything like it to record your golf scores, make sure you back up your phone. Then back up your computer, then rotate those backups. You will be so glad you did if anything ever happens to your phone, and all your wonderful golf data. Then all you do is restore your backup, and everything is wonderful again!

We Love Golf Twitter Lists

By: Tenna Merchent on August 23rd, 2012

Twitter is wonderful, it moves quickly, there is news, talk between members, ranting, gossiping, you name it it’s out there. The downside risk is, there is also a lot of noise. Maybe you aren’t in the mood to hear a PGA player rant about the crazy spectator that told him he should play left handed because then he’d win more tournaments. Or maybe hearing that rant would make you laugh and lighten your day. That is where lists come in, they filter the noise, at least some of it.

We follow several lists created by other people, and we have a few that we’ve created. The PGA Tour Twitter account has a list of PGA tour players that is officially verified, because you know, unfortunately people do pretend to be someone that are not on the internet (insert gasp here!) They also have a list of the tour players that Tweet, a golf media list, and a PGA tour caddies list to name a few.

The Golf Channel also has a list of LPGA tour players that Tweet, I especially enjoy this list as they often have something witty to say and frequently include a photo.

Then to clean up your own noisy Twitter feed you can separate those you follow into lists, and a list does not have to be public. If it is a private list, no one can see it but you.

For instance Twitter is how I found out about golf punk on-line magazine which features Ian Poulter on the front this month, it takes a while to load, so be patient. It looks like the debut issue, but I read on Twitter that it was “back”. It’s worth checking out.

I tend to enjoy the funny comments I read from the PGA & LPGA tour players, and often retweet them. We also share brief announcements and updates on Twitter.

The internet and social media are here to stay, and I have found that Twitter can brighten my day, and bring me news at the same time, which is a big ticket to fill. I hope you find it worth while also.


August National Admits 2 Women!

By: Tenna Merchent on August 21st, 2012

It was announced yesterday that Augusta National, home of the Master’s golf tournament has admitted two women members. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina financier Darla Moore have both accepted invitations to be members. Up until now, the club has maintained an all male membership. The club admitted it’s first African American member in 1990, 22 years ago.

In 2003 the chairwoman of the National Council of Women Organizations began drawing attention to the club’s all male policy with protests and a national campaign to get them to change. From an outsider’s perspective it looks like it was not handled very carefully as the chairman of the tournament at that time, Hootie Johnson, said they wouldn’t admit women “at the point of a bayonet!” A statement like that is volatile and is going to get a lot of play time in the media. He went on to make other public relations mistakes, such as “the media tries to portray us — or this woman portrays us — as being discriminatory, and being bigots. And we’re not.” That just gets his name, and the club’s name out with those high velocity words, bigots and discriminatory, now a quote that reporters are going to repeat over and over again.

In 2006 Billy Payne, another chairman took over. Some speculate that inviting women members has been on his list since he took office. We will never know.

More attention was drawn to the subject of female members when IBM, one of the Master’s largest sponsors appointed a female chief executive, Virginia Rometty, the prior 4 male chief executives had all been members at August. On the final day of the round, she wore a pink blazer instead of a green one. Rometty however, is not one of the two women joining at this time.

When I asked Mike Merchent, Director of Golf at Purgatory Golf Club what he thought of the change, he said, “I think it’s good, it’s progress. Condoleezza Rice has been a huge supporter of junior golf.” Hopefully you all think it is a good change also.

We Make Another Top 10 List

By: Tenna Merchent on August 16th, 2012

Purgatory Golf Club was pleased to make Golf Magazine &’s list of Best Public Golf Courses in Indiana 2012. We’ve been asked in the past “How do you get on so many lists?!” You have to have a good design. That’s the biggest element, and that has to be done, at least most of the time, in the beginning.

We came in at #4, and of course we would rank PGC at #1, but making the top ten again is pretty good. So we’ll just aim for the #1 spot and hope we make it next time.

U.S.Kids World Golf Championship Parade

By: Tenna Merchent on August 14th, 2012

This is video from the U.S.Kids Golf World Championship Parade 2012 in Pinehurst North Carolina. It’s hard to get a feel for just how big this event is, but there were 40 countries represented and 1,250 kids. The parade felt like we were at the Olympics. Hope you like it!

Congratulations Blair!

By: Tenna Merchent on August 9th, 2012

Earlier this week Blair Shadday, assistant golf professional here at Purgatory Golf Club won the Indiana PGA Assistant Championship with a three-round total 216 at Meridian Hills Country Club. Blair has also won 3 out of the last four Assistant Championships. When we were talking about it, he said that he was surprised how nervous he was, being the leader and the player that was expected to win. That is a lot of pressure, but Blair loves the game of golf.

I remember one day I was attending a social event at Purgatory Golf Club, and I went back to my office to get my camera and tripod to take some sunset pictures. Blair and I were talking and I said “I’m just more comfortable with a camera in my hands,” and he replied, “I understand, I’m definitely more comfortable with a golf club in my hands!” Blair has the golf bug as deeply as anyone I know, and I obviously know a lot of golfers.

I’ve taken a few pieces of some video we shot for another project and stitched them together so you can get an opportunity to have a little insight into Blair’s personality. He’s very special, and we are lucky to have him here at Purgatory Golf Club. We hope you enjoy the video!

You can read more about his win at

Knowing the Rules Makes you a Stronger Competitor

By: Tenna Merchent on August 7th, 2012

At the golf tournament last week, a fellow competitor told us about a caddy they had played with last year that had been difficult. On every green, the caddy asked the better player to move his mark, even if it was not in the line of play. The player cooperated, but after the round asked a rules official if it was necessary to move your mark if you are not in the line of play.

The same group played together the following day, and when the caddy asked the player (who coincidentally was shooting the lowest score) to move his mark. He declined if it was not in the line of play. The caddy making the request was angry, but the rules were on the players side. This caddy may have been trying to compromise the better player’s focus. Now however, the player was armed with proper knowledge of the rules, and stood in a stronger position.

The USGA has a wonderful site with Rules & Decisions, FAQs about the Rules of Golf, Quizzes, all sorts of things to quench your thirst for knowledge.

2012 U.S. Kids Golf World Championship in Pinehurst N.C.

By: Tenna Merchent on August 2nd, 2012

Three members of the Purgatory Golf Club staff are here in North Carolina for the 2012 U.S. Kids Golf World Championship. Tuesday night was opening ceremonies and the parade of nations. It was quite impressive. 1,250 young people are competing in the 13th annual World Championship, representing 40 countries. From start to finish, it took about 20 minutes just for all the competitors to walk by us. I felt like we were at the Olympics with all the countries walking by, and the competitors videotaping, and the audience taking photographs and video.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, the tournament starts tomorrow!