Crain’s Chicago Business Rates PurgatoryGC #1

Crain’s Chicago Business Covers Purgatory

Beauty or the Beast?

by Cindy Mehallow

Amidst rolling hills, along gurgling brooks and on wind-swept coastlines are some of the Midwest’s most beguiling yet challenging golf courses. For your playing pleasure (or perhaps anguish) we offer a listing of the toughest public courses available to Midwestern golfers.  Going strictly by the numbers, we chose courses with the highest USGA Course Rating, the true measurement of difficulty based on the ability of the scratch golfer (the better player). The Slope Rating indicates a course’s difficulty for the bogey golfer, one with a USGA handicap of 17.5 to 22.4 (21.5 to 26.4 for women).

  1. Purgatory Golf Club
  2. Otter Creek Golf Course
  3. Brickyard Crossing Golf Resort and Inn
  4. Rock Hollow Golf Club
  5. The Fort Golf Course

Beauty or the Beast? Crain’s Chicago Business, April 5, 2004.