IBJ, Favorite & Most Difficult Holes

The IBJ’s – Favorite Holes, Most Difficult Holes

Favorite Holes, Purgatory Golf Club, No. 18

“This 535-yard par-5 in Noblesville gives golfers a devil of a time“, area golf pros agree. The Ron Kern Design Group used ample sand on both sides of the fairway to snare any hooks or slices.

“The extensive bunkering on this hole–like all holes at Purgatory–requires strategy and execution”, said Rob Cockrum, Buffer Park Golf Course golf pro.

The hole is named “The Gryphon,” after the mythical creature that is half lion and half eagle. Featuring a double fairway, the hole gives golfers two distinct options from the tee. They can hit a small outcropping of fairway amid a sea of rough.

“You can’t overpower this hole,” Cockrum said. “You have to give it some thought”.

Most Difficult Holes, Purgatory Golf Club, No. 13

From the back tee, this par-5 is a whopping 735 yards. No wonder it’s named “Eternal Torment“E.

The fairway is bunkered on both sides and challenges golfers to hit long and straight shots. The undulated and sloping green is a difficult target. There’s plenty on this hole to frustrate even the best golfers.

“Every time I face this hole, I’m going dead against the wind, and you have to be careful with the fairway lined so closely with bunkers and heather,” said Winnings.

Golf pro poll reveals the area’s best and most challenging2001 Indiana Golf Course Guide, A special supplement to Indianapolis Business Journal and Indiana Lawyer.