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A rundown of local courses and now arrivals for 1999

“…With its catchy name and unique layout, Purgatory should catch plenty of attention when it opens in mid-summer”.

“From its back tees, Purgatory is expected to be the longest regulation (par-72) course east of the Mississippi River. When played from the far-forward tees, it will be the shortest course in Indiana.

“This Purgatory will give golfers of different skill levels a chance to prove themselves worthy enough to reach the next-most-difficult tee.

“”There are six tee stations on every hole,” said golf pro Mike Merchent. “They are not what I would call runway tees. We moved them from left to right to make the long tee  shots more difficult.”

“Designer Ron Kern says the design provides alternate routes to each green. “Each player will find his path to the hole,” he said. “Each hole is designed for a specific shot.”

“Purgatory was built on 220 acres and features six holes with trees, six  with water and six open holes. Each par-3 hole faces a different direction. Even the dogleg holes are even.

“”There are 170 bunkers, undulating greens, and at first look, it appears scary,” said Kern. “We wanted to be as positive about every aspect,” he said. “We designed this course for walkers also.”

“According to Merchent, there are 45 acres of bent grass on the course. It’s 300 feet from the center of one fairway to the center of another, leaving plenty of room to spray the ball.

“”Where we anticipate a slicer, we will widen that rough out with blue rye so it will be easier to find the golf ball,” Merchent said. “We want to help people play quicker, not badger them.”

“In addition to the multilength course, a large clubhouse with a log cabin theme will be available for outings and small wedding receptions. There will also be three bathrooms on the course…”

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