praises Purgatory’s lovely conditions

Fairway Watch

A parallel use for a golf club often is to host large gatherings, such as golf outings, business presentations, service club meetings and even wedding receptions. These uses have distinct needs and functional issues that should be considered when designing a golf club for multiple users.

Purgatory GC – Absolutely pristine. We don’t say that often but all the grass is perfect, the greens are unmarked, the tee boxes are large and moved often enough to prevent ugly scars from accumulating. The attention to detail in the design, construction, and day-to-day maintenance have made this the PC-Week pick for #1 golf course in Indiana. I doubt we say 20 ballmarks on greens or 20 cigarette butts laying around tee boxes. The heather has been thinned to the point you can easily see your ball in the 18″ high grass – it’s just enough to grab your club’s shaft if you try too hard. And the sand (crushed limestone) is a joy that always produces a good lie. We’d rave more but you get the idea.