James Brown


Purgatory’s James Brown has a rich background in keeping notable golf courses in stellar playing condition. These include Wolf Run, the Brickyard, Coffin and Fort Harrison.

As superintendent, James is a key ingredient to Purgatory’s success. Few people realize how crucial a role he plays because he operates behind the scenes. James is vigilant in maintaining the course’s proper balance. A putting green can be seriously damaged in just a few days under the wrong conditions; James has the expertise to never let it get that far.

The superintendent has to keep the entire course maintained, and preferably without inconveniencing the golfer. That requires mowing, raking and watering a huge amount of property, while avoiding golfers.

At Brown’s level of expertise, he knows how to nurture a top-playing surface using a minimal amount of fertilizers, disease retardants and pesticides. The best grass is watered just the proper amount to avert an environment for disease. Not only does this practice conserve water, it uses fewer chemicals and allows for healthier grass and wildlife.

James recognizes that there is an artistry to properly growing grass on 218 acres. Protecting it while hundreds of people walk and drive on it daily, is a delicate science.

James’ agronomy degree is from Purdue, which we don’t hold against him since his bachelor’s degree is from Indiana University.

You can learn more about James in an article in Superintendent Magazine.


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