Mike Merchent


mike_merchentAs Purgatory’s co-founder and director of golf, Mike Merchent believes that playing his course should be an enriching experience. From the moment you set foot on Purgatory, your comfort will be the top priority.

When Purgatory was built, Mike insisted that all 218 acres of property be used for golf. The banks would have been happier if he had settled for 140 acres of golf, and had developed the other 70 acres for housing, but he insisted that golf come first.

Mike also believes in hiring the best people and staying out of their way. For example, he provided an atmosphere where golf course architect Ron Kern [link to Ron Kern’s bio] could maximize his creativity. As a result, his creativity was unhampered, and you’ll experience the stunning results when you play this golf course.

Mike has become a regular in local media outlets. He has appeared in Indy Men’s Magazine, on local TV stations, and on ABC, NBC and FOX. He has appeared on several radio stations, including WIBC and ESPN radio, where he had a weekly call-in radio show. He also provided a weekly golf tip on WNDE.

As Purgatory’s director of golf, Mike Merchent is our primary spokesperson, and we couldn’t be happier with his representation of the course. He knows that if you enjoy yourself out on the course, you will be back.