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Kristi Cardwell Defends Title at Indiana PGA Women’s Open

By: Abbi Magsamen on June 29th, 2013


109 of Indiana’s top women’s golfers took to the links at Purgatory Golf Club on Wednesday and Thursday for the 20th Indiana PGA Women’s Open. After two days and 36 holes of golf, Kristi Cardwell, a professional from Kokomo, defended her back to back championship title. The win makes Kristi the first woman to win the open both as an amateur and a professional.

After day one , Kristi launched herself into the lead shooting a 67 on a very challenging Par 72 setup. Day two, Kristi dominated the field again, shooting a 70 and taking the top spot at -7 for the tournament. Second place was held by amateur, Jenna Hague, of Muncie, shooting even for the tournament.


Purgatory signature Pitchfork Ale

By: Abbi Magsamen on June 19th, 2013
Triton Ale

This belgian style pale ale has has been dubbed “Pitchfork Ale” after it’s iconic red pitchfork handle which mimics the logo of Purgatory Golf Club.

Water is an essential ingredient and the secret behind the taste of many craft beers. Centuries ago, current technology used to purify water was not around, therefore people built local breweries specifically around good water supplies. Though today we have limits and laws put in place to supply clean water, every water supply still varies in pH and mineral content. Therefore, a town’s local water supply can greatly affect the taste of the beers being brewed. Triton Brewing Company, a local microbrewery near Fort Benjamin Harrison, uses an expensive reverse osmosis filtration system that allows water to be stripped down to its core: two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule. From there, they start with perfectly neutral water and build recipes to create their unique beers, such as their year round “Sin Bin” belgian style ale.
With a name like “Sin Bin”, it is no wonder this is the signature beer of Purgatory Golf Course. In religious mythology, one is sent to “Purgatory” to pay for earthly sins. After some time of repentance, one may finally gain entry to heaven. Alternatively, “Sin Bin” is a hockey term for the penalty box, where players seek forgiveness for unjust deeds on the ice. Enough time spent here and a player may re-enter the ice to continue playing. With special permission from Triton Brewing Company, the tap handle has been painted red and renamed “Pitchfork Ale” to mimic the logo of Purgatory Golf Club. One can indulge in this local brew in a cold,frosty glass in “The Confessional”, or take one to go for the course. With its specially filtrated water, along with its sweet, toasty malt overtones and a delicate hop finish, “Pitchfork Ale” is the perfect addition to the “Pitchfork burger” and remains a fan favorite amongst the Purgatory patrons.
For more information about Triton Brewing, visit their website: