Blair Shadday New Head Pro at Forest Hills Country Club

By: purgatorygolf on February 28th, 2013

Blair has landed his dream job of head professional at Forest Hills Country Club. So tomorrow is his last day here at Purgatory Golf Club. We are so happy for him, and his new club is very lucky to have him on board. If you have time, please wish him luck, and of course call on him at his new venue when summer comes. There are many things he has done that were above and beyond the call of duty;

  • Helping Dick Merchent with his computer and new cell phone,
  • Ordering every StarTAC in existence for Mike when he was still holding on to that ancient phone for dear life,
  • Playing golf with Clay, encouraging him, and appreciating every word he has to say,
  • Carrying Tenna’s bags in when everyone else seems to be too busy talking 😉

And of course all the long hours and responsibilities that come with being a golf professional. I’ve put links to the videos Blair has starred in below. The most special one to me is “How to have a successful golf outing.” Blair didn’t have any warning. Brian House was here one day, and since outings are his area of expertise, Blair was available and I asked him to do the interview. He stepped right up to the plate, with no hesitation, and did a great job. There is no doubt in my mind that kind of ‘jump in’ attitude will serve him and his new club well!

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