Business Meetings

Employees need opportunities to feel engaged and refocused to be better performers.  Opportunities to improve work life balances has been proven to reduce attrition, keep employees engaged, and yield better productivity across the board.  Have you thought about extending the workplace to beyond the confines of beige walls and fluorescent lit rooms? Try hosting a company meeting at Purgatory Golf Club!  Sometimes, taking in some fresh air, getting a little sun, and just walking off the stresses of the week is the best cure for refocusing those efforts on an important project or goal.

Several of our groups have adjourned their meeting to play a closing round of golf and/or returned to the clubhouse for more social team-building. For those that enjoy the outdoors but may not play golf, the White River Canoe Company is just a driver, 4-iron, and wedge away.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner can be arranged to fit the objective and timing of any meeting.

Call us for more information at 317.774.2012 x2

The front of the clubhouse at Purgatory Golf Club