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Purgatory signature Pitchfork Ale

By: Abbi Magsamen on June 19th, 2013
Triton Ale

This belgian style pale ale has has been dubbed “Pitchfork Ale” after it’s iconic red pitchfork handle which mimics the logo of Purgatory Golf Club.

Water is an essential ingredient and the secret behind the taste of many craft beers. Centuries ago, current technology used to purify water was not around, therefore people built local breweries specifically around good water supplies. Though today we have limits and laws put in place to supply clean water, every water supply still varies in pH and mineral content. Therefore, a town’s local water supply can greatly affect the taste of the beers being brewed. Triton Brewing Company, a local microbrewery near Fort Benjamin Harrison, uses an expensive reverse osmosis filtration system that allows water to be stripped down to its core: two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule. From there, they start with perfectly neutral water and build recipes to create their unique beers, such as their year round “Sin Bin” belgian style ale.
With a name like “Sin Bin”, it is no wonder this is the signature beer of Purgatory Golf Course. In religious mythology, one is sent to “Purgatory” to pay for earthly sins. After some time of repentance, one may finally gain entry to heaven. Alternatively, “Sin Bin” is a hockey term for the penalty box, where players seek forgiveness for unjust deeds on the ice. Enough time spent here and a player may re-enter the ice to continue playing. With special permission from Triton Brewing Company, the tap handle has been painted red and renamed “Pitchfork Ale” to mimic the logo of Purgatory Golf Club. One can indulge in this local brew in a cold,frosty glass in “The Confessional”, or take one to go for the course. With its specially filtrated water, along with its sweet, toasty malt overtones and a delicate hop finish, “Pitchfork Ale” is the perfect addition to the “Pitchfork burger” and remains a fan favorite amongst the Purgatory patrons.
For more information about Triton Brewing, visit their website:

Purgatory Insider Training

By: purgatorygolf on March 5th, 2013

Internal training, we’ll share with a few guests

The Golf Swing

by Mike Merchent, Director of Golf, he will select one volunteer, evaluate the swing impromptu, meaning on the spot, and make recommendations if appropriate to improve.

Rules of Golf

Head Professional, Jon Stutz, Jon will focus on rules that have been in the news when appropriate, otherwise he will take suggestions or use his best judgement as to what would be the most worth while.

Turf Care

James Brown will provide education on turf management, and where appropriate, reference the iBook Golf Course Management by Karl Danneberger, Ph.D.

Technology, photography

General Manager, Tenna Merchent will teach technology, iPhone photography, Pinterest, Blogging, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, and writing.


Tom Smith will provide culinary education, from food safety to wine appreciation.


March 12th, Tenna Merchent, Dropbox & 1password

March 19th off

March 26th Chef Tom, Food Safety

April 2nd, Mike Merchent, impromptu golf lesson with volunteer

April 9th Jon Stutz, Rules of Golf, water hazards

April 16th James Brown, Golf Course Management

Meeting time will be at 11:30 unless noted otherwise. We look forward to this weekly training geared to the continued development our staff, while keeping in mind what may interest our guests. Responsibility for topics and/or outside speakers will rotate through each leadership member. The training sessions will be limited to one hour. We are able to accommodate up to 20 outside guests. Sign up is by phone to the proshop at 317-776-4653 ext 1.








Currently the session will not be video taped, and we will not have remote participation. At a later time we may offer these options.


Here is the tentative schedule for the PGC insider training:


March 12th, Tenna Merchent Dropbox & 1password

March 19th off

March 26th Chef Tom, Food Safety

April 2nd, Mike Merchent impromptu golf lesson with volunteer

April 9th Jon Stutz, Rules of Golf, water hazards

April 16th James Brown Pythium Blight


Valentine’s Eve Wine Dinner at Purgatory

By: purgatorygolf on February 7th, 2013
Valentine’s Eve Wine Dinner at Purgatory
Wine Dinner 
Wednesday, February 13
7 p.m.


Kick off your Valentine’s celebration early with a Wednesday night Wine Dinner with Kristofer Anderson from Republic National Wine & Spirits. We will pair four wines with signature dishes from our kitchen.
Enjoy Dinner and Wine Pairings with Your Special Valentine
Join us at Purgatory on Wednesday, February 13, for a special wine and dine evening. For $60 per person, you can enjoy five courses, complete with wine pairings from Republic National Wine & Spirits. RSVP today; space is limited.
Lobster Chowder
w/ House-Made Bacon and Oyster Crackers
’11 Ponzi Pinot Gris
Lamb Meatballs w/ Braised Kale,
Argentine Pesto & Pomegranate Molasses
’10 Trapiche Broquel Malbec
Roasted Mushroom Salad
w/ Herbed Hollandaise & Savory Parmesan Scone
’10 Chateau La Graviere White Bourdeaux
Santa Barbra Tri-Tip w/ Red Wine BBQ Sauce,
Crispy Potatoes & Sweet-n-Sour Onions
’10 Klinker Brick Lodi Syrah
Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta
w/ Toasted Grand Marnier Marshmallow
La Romantica Brachetto

Greek Chicken Flatbread

By: Tenna Merchent on January 31st, 2013

It really is possible for you to eat healthy food at a golf course. This yummy Greek chicken flatbread sandwich is made with pieces of boneless chicken marinated in Greek spices and olive oil, then grilled. The chicken is combined with fresh chopped tomatoes, roasted red bell peppers, mushrooms and creamy feta cheese, all folded up in a toasted flatbread.

Sounds pretty healthy to me, what do you think?

King of burgers

By: Tenna Merchent on November 20th, 2012


Pictured here is Purgatory’s signature burger; The Pitchfork, created by Chef Tom. This burger begins with a toasted sesame seed bun served with our home-made spicy Purgatory Sauce, next two seasoned Black Angus beef patties are topped with 3 different cheeses, 3 strips of applewood smoked bacon, sliced honey ham and fresh toppings such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles.  The Pitchfork Burger is paired in this photograph with another Purgatory signature; The Pitchfork Ale. A Belgian style ale brewed for us by Triton Brewery Company, a local Indianapolis brewery.

Triple Decker burger extrodinaire

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Golf Game

By: Tenna Merchent on September 4th, 2012

Want to know 3 simple ways to improve your performance on the golf course?

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast.
  2. Eat a health lunch at the turn.
  3. Drink water & eat fruit while you are out on the course.

The brain & the body are immediately affected by what we eat & drink. Anyone who has ever had a cup of coffee knows the quick effect of caffeine. One beer can have a similar immediate effect.

If you don’t eat breakfast, you are essentially fasting from dinner the night before until lunch or dinner today. The first organ to suffer from temporary malnutrition is the brain.[1] We all know that golf is a mental game, not just physical.

Golf day nutrition

  1. Avoid refined sugar, artificial color & flavors, & preservatives
  2. Select complex carbohydrates, found mostly in grains (whole grain breads, pasta, & rice), potatoes, & carrots.

Complex carbohydrates represent a slow-release source of energy.[2] Most experts agree that a diet rich in complex carbohydrates is the best for performance in sports.[3] A study of cyclists proved that as they increased complex carbs in their diet, it took them longer to become fatigued.[4]

One of my favorite grab & go breakfasts is these simple homemade oatmeal cookies. The recipe originated with the Pritikin Center, a heart healthy diet/lifestyle. We modified it a tiny bit.

4 egg whites, whipped

2 tablespoons xylitol (a natural sweetener derived from corn, it can be purchased at Whole Foods or on-line)

  • ½ cup raisins
  • 4 cups oatmeal
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla
  • ½  cup applesauce
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon to taste


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
 Mix ingredients until uniformly moist. Drop dough by the tablespoonful on an ungreased cookie sheet. 
Bake for 15 minutes. 
Cool and serve.


[1]  Alexander Schauss, Barbara Friedlander Meyer, and Arnold Meyer, Eating for A’s, (New York: Pocket Books: a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.) pg. 18.

[2] Ibid p. 225

[3] ibid pg. 225

[4] ibid pg. 227

Meet Executive Chef Tom Smith

By: Tenna Merchent on June 12th, 2012

In this short video you get to meet our new Executive Chef Tom Smith as he shows you a little behind the scenes action in our kitchen as they prepare for an upcoming wedding. In this video they are smoking meat.


Please Help us Welcome Chef Tom!

By: Tenna Merchent on May 30th, 2012

Chef Tom joins Purgatory Golf Club

Chef Tom is a 1999 graduate of Sullivan University in Louisville Kentucky.  While attending Sullivan he had the honor to be part of the distinguished team that was chosen to prepare Mother’s Day Brunch at The James Beard House.

Upon graduation, Chef Tom became executive chef of Brasserie Dietrich’s where he gained valuable skills that laid the foundation for his career.  After leaving Louisville, Chef Tom took a sous chef position at Hemingway’s Restaurant a Mobil 4-Star and Fine Dining Hall of Fame restaurant in Killington, VT. While at Hemingway’s Chef Tom had another great honor: preparing a birthday dinner for Chef Julia Child, and—perhaps even more exciting—the chance to meet her as well.

In 2001, Chef Tom began working in Indianapolis where he plied his trade at some of Indy’s finest restaurants including: Something Different another Fine Dining Hall of Fame restaurant.  His last stop in Indy was the Chef de Cuisine at Oakley’s Bistro— winner of Indy’s Best Restaurant 3 of the 4 years he was at the helm.  It was in Indy that he competed in the Indiana Pork Producers “Taste of Elegance” competition, winning once and placing second nationally in the two years he took part in the event.

In 2007, Chef Tom started down another career path, focusing on foodservice marketing.  This expanded new role has given him the opportunity to work with some of the largest manufacturers and operators in the business, including Mission Foods, National Pork Board, Torani, Lamb Weston, Nestle Foodservice, Otis Spunkmeyer, Tyson, Bama Foods, Splenda, Bush’s Beans, Checkers/Rally’s and other Top 200 chain operations.

Beginning in May of this year Chef Tom is proud to become the Executive Chef of Purgatory Golf Club. He is looking forward to the opportunity to work with the staff at Purgatory Golf Club and provide a high-level food and beverage experience for golfers, weddings and business meetings at Purgatory Golf Club.


Check out our Lovely Wine Dinner April 20th

By: Tenna Merchent on April 17th, 2012

April Wine Dinner

By: Tenna Merchent on March 13th, 2012

April Wine Dinner