Changing Your Golf Game – Lesson 2

By: Tony Adragna on October 24th, 2013

Purgatory Golf Club’s owner and Golf Professional, Mike Merchent, is going to take a former athlete with little golf experience, Tony Adragna, and transform his golf game over the course of the winter. This will be documented through our series, Changing Your Golf Game.

In lesson two, Mike refines Tony’s elbow drill and gives him some other tips and pointers to help his swing.  Video is provided below.


Mike Merchent: Okay, we’re back here today with Tony, we’re gonna check on his
elbow drill. See how he is doing and get an update here.
Tony Adragna: Alright
Mike Merchent: Tony, just do your elbow drill. Don’t put a whole lot of thought
through it right now. Just stand up there naturally and go through your progressions.
Tony Adragna: Okay
Mike Merchent: Okay. Now do it. Face the camera ill bring it out here
Tony Adragna: Okay
Mike Merchent: One more time. One, two, three, four. Okay. So what were gonna
do today is more of a supervised practice. It’s not a lesson, but it’s taking what
we’ve worked on last week in the elbow drill and refining it a little bit, okay?
Tony Adragna: Okay.
Mike Merchent: Now, go ahead and setup like you’re gonna make an elbow drill
from that position face on. Okay. Go ahead and bend from your knees a little bit,
bending more from your hips. Okay. A little bit more on that. Okay there you go.
That’s position one. Now from position one to two let’s clean this up.
Tony Adragna: Okay
Mike Merchant: This right knee, or this left knee right here is gonna stay right there.
You’re not gonna let that left knee get outside of that left foot. Okay.
Tony Adragna: OkayMike Merchent: You’re not gonna lower your chin, your chin is gonna stay right
there. Okay. So from this position going back. Hold that position right there. Now,
I’m gonna ask you to flatten your left foot. See how it pulled that knee a little bit?
There you go. That’s a much more specific position. That’s position two from
position two to three go ahead and shift to your right, Okay. Hold that position right
there. Now, just move this knee in just a little bit. There you go. And three to four,
go ahead and rotate on up and through.
Tony Adragna: Okay.
Mike Merchent: Okay? One more time.
Mike Merchent: That movement probably feels a lot less than what you have been
Tony Adragna: Mhm
Mike Merchent: is that accurate?
Tony Adragna: Yeah, definitely
Mike Merchent: Okay, see, you move, your range of motion is good but you actually
move too much. So I’m not really adding anything to your basic motion here. I’m
subtracting it, I’m pulling in what you already do so
Tony Adragna: Yeah
Mike Merchent: You’re really not adding anything you’re actually subtracting which
is probably a little surprising to you
Tony Adragna: Yeah, definitely
Mike Merchent: Okay. Now we’ve seen Tony do a couple front views and a couple
side views. I’m gonna go ahead and make some of my recommendations to Tony so that he can follow what I’m asking him to do he can actually see me do it. I’ll take
this club put it behind my back. We’ve got that part down real good. Stance width
you can get a little wider with your feet so we might need to get something to help
you spread your feet out just a little bit. This is position number 1 to 2 here’s what I
like you to focus on. Keep your left foot flat on the ground. Keep your left knee
right where it is. We’re gonna shift that weight in to your left hip like your left
buttocks is gonna go out over your foot. Now notice if you are to draw a straight
line from between my left foot, my left hip and my head, they’re pretty much at a
straight line relationship right there. But you do not get outside of that left foot.
Now, from position 2 to position 3 were gonna do the same thing. I’m gonna shift
my weight over my right foot. Moving my hips out from underneath me. And now
you can see how my right foot, my knee, and my hip are in a straight line? And then
I go ahead and point the club toward the ball. Okay. So my knees don’t get outside
of my feet. My hips don’t get outside of my feet. And then – rotate through. So,
something to think about here is, weren’t our body – our hips, shoulders, were not
gonna get outside of our feet. Okay? Our head, wer’e not gonna rock over here.
We’re not gonna let the knee bow out and let the hip get out on either direction.
We’re not gonna let our head get outside of our feet. We’re gonna stay in these two
imaginary lines drawn up from the outside of both of our feet. So when I go back to
my left side, I keep that left foot flat on the ground keep that left knee right where it
is and I just let the weight shift a little bit and I point the club down to the ball. All
that weight right there in that left foot that left knee. Now it’s over on my right foot.
Okay? So, both of our feet, imaginary lines on the outsides of those feet were gonna
work within those lines
Mike Merchent: Okay, that’s good stance width right there. Got the club back there.
Behind your back
Okay so, really focusing now on your left foot realize how flat the left foot is right
there and recognize where your left knee is right there. You’re gonna keep that foot
and knee right there as you move back. Okay, slowly go back. Hold that position
right there. This is a really good position. If I were to draw a straight line between
his left foot, his knee, and his hip and his head they’re all in a straight line
relationship and you’re behind the ball. Okay?
Tony Adragna: Mhm.
Mike Merchent: Now from there, you’re just gonna ever so slightly in control motion
shift that weight through your right foot. Okay hold that position right there. I want
you to recognize that you’re in a very similar position as you were at address.
Tony Adragna: Mhm.Mike Merchent: And now that right knee is right over your right foot. And your right
hip, just gonna keep rotating a little bit, let that right leg straighten. Let the right
leg straighten a little bit. Keep going. Don’t turn more just let it straighten. There
you go. Now that’s impact. And then rotate through. There you go.
Tony Adragna: K
Mike Merchent: So, we’re controlling the motion more. You’re not moving as much
as you had been
Tony Adragna: Mhm.
Mike Merchent: So we’ve taken what you were doing and we’re tightening things
Tony Adragna: Yep.
Mike Merchent: Okay.
Tony Adragna: Aright.
Mike Merchent: Do that one more time. So just like I’ve said, we’re gonna get more
specific, more detailed. And that’s what we’re doing here we’ve given you the basic
elbow drill last week. Now, just a little more specific. Hold that right there. Shift to
your right. Hold that right there. And then, with this hip here, keep rotating under
and through. There you go. There you go. Now, notice how Tony has nice
separation now between his knees when he goes back. In position number two of
your elbow drill you used to be like this. Let me show you what you’re used to be
like. That club is moving back, this right knee would kick in and you have no space
here. Okay?
Tony Adragna: Yep.Mike Merchent: Now, you go in position number 1 to 2. You got some nice space
and separation between your thighs. Now one of the things that I can show you or
do for you..
 Put that basketball in between your two legs. And not in your knees as much.
Get a little higher because – a little higher than that. Okay. Now, from there, setup
your position 1. That basketball is gonna force you to do a little hip and shoulder
separation. Okay?
Tony Adragna: Yep.
Mike Merchent: Just get in position 1 right there. Okay. As you go to position two, it
keeps your thigh separated. Okay now, you just bumped outside a little too much.
There you go. Right there. And then to your right. And then rotate around. There
you go. So that ball forces you to have a little separation between your legs,
doesn’t let your knees get as wobbly Okay?
Tony Adragna: Yep.
Mike Merchent: Doesn’t let your knees collapse on you. Okay?
Tony Adragna: Okay.
Mike Merchent: I hope this elbow drill is gonna help you because I know that it’s
helping Tony. We’re gonna keep posted on Tony’s progress here at least once a
week. This is lesson number two, getting a little more specific in the elbow drill.
Watch Tony. He is gonna get better. You imitate it at home, you’ll get better too.
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