Coffee Table Book Available for Purchase

By: purgatorygolf on March 19th, 2013

Another version of the book More Heaven than Hell is available for purchase. It is different than the iBook:

  • It is only 52 pages long, the iBook is 188 pages long (although for some reason iTunes say it is 37 pages, I’ve contacted them on the subject)
  • It has all the same images, many are just smaller
  • It does not have the flyovers
  • It doesn’t have all the descriptive text, it is mainly photographs
  • You can purchase it now
  • It’s available as a PDF that can be read on your computer, smart phone or tablet
  • It is also available as a traditional print book with a soft cover, image wrap, or dust cover


Coffee table book cover

It’s funny, writing this book reminds me of painting a room in a house. Often as I was working on it I thought to myself, “This is so much work, I’m never doing this again! What was I thinking!”

But now that it’s finished, and I get to share it, I’m thinking “That wasn’t so bad, I need to write more!”

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