Golf Outings

Your golf outing should reflect your event’s priorities. Purgatory is a great setting for the outing that wishes to set itself apart from the run of the mill. We can assist you with the planning in numerous respects – some are obvious such as providing our Purgatory 2019 Outing Menu, which includes items like box lunches, favors and beverage selection. We can also help you with finer nuances, such as getting people to stay for the auction, and getting them out on the course on time.

In fact, we are in the process of writing a booklet on “How to Have a Successful Golf Outing,” including checklists, and timelines. For the time being, if you’re interested in reviewing our “Purgatory Outing Coordinators Guide”, we will happily email you the information upon request.

If you are looking to provide a golf outing that will motivate people to sign up, because they are dying to be at your event, we can help you.

Venue Highlights

Here’s what makes our course more heaven than hell, and what has attracted over X Indiana golf championships to choose Purgatory for their course year over year:

  • 218 acres – double the size of most golf courses
  • Spectacular views; take our virtual tour
  • Comfort stations every three holes
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Call us to start planning your event today — or to ask any questions you may have before you get started.