Flyover of the 3rd Hole

By: Tenna Merchent on October 18th, 2012

My job couldn’t be much easier today. Here is a 23 second video, our shortest to date, but short does not mean it’s not worth while. This brief video will give you an idea of what you will face when you come out to play the third hole at PGC. The only thing that is a little difficult to see from the video is how much undulation there is in the green, and how deep those bunkers are.

As you may know we are writing an iBook, here’s what it says about hole #3:

 If you’re a student of golf course architecture, you may have heard people argue about what is, and what is not a redan style hole. The name and design came from famed architect C.B. McDonald, it’s a par three, bunkered, tilted green, come in at an angle, be able to use the ground game . . . Yes, sort of like this hole. But no doubt, people will argue about the matter.

Anyway, back to your game. It is elevated and slopes to the back with deep bunkers on each side. A ridge runs across the green that can make a long putt difficult. Then to top it off, the green slopes away from the ridge on both the front and the back, yes, in the redan style.

So in plain terms, the green is very elevated and undulating (rolling). The bunker on the right is really tough. The one on the left, not so bad.

The green starts high on the right side and slopes down on the left. Everything funnels down to that left side.

If you want to err anywhere, err short, long is very difficult. It is the easiest par 3, and the one where we have the most hole-in-ones.

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