Golf Cart GPS is being installed!

By: purgatorygolf on April 11th, 2013


GPS is being installed this week on our golf carts. They expect it to take the rest of the week to complete the fleet, but we took a tiny drive yesterday out to the 10th hole. The yardages were accurate and the touch screen worked, fabulous news! We still have work to do on our end for the food and beverage, and some other things. So if you come to visit this weekend, we’ll still be working out the bugs, but we’re super excited and can’t wait for you to try it out.

2 Responses

  1. Chris Carpenter says:

    Awesome! I will still use the power poles as my guide, though. They are like a secret code to shot line out there. The interface on your GPS units is pretty awesome – looking forward to taking it for a spin.