How to fix hitting the golf ball with the toe of the club

By: Tony Adragna on October 21st, 2013

In this video Director of Golf Mike Merchent explains why junior golfer, Clay, is hitting his ball off the toe. It turns out that he is coming out of his posture as he rotates his hips, and as a result is pulling his shoulders and arms up. End result, hitting it off the toe.

To fix it, he focuses his student on his left heal because it was also coming up and “flying out”. By keeping his left heal on the ground as he clears his hip, the end result is he stays in his posture, keeps his shoulders & arms in proper swing plane, and hits the ball more in the center of the face, or the “sweet spot”.

To view a transcript for this video, click here.

4 Responses

  1. Jim Conrad says:

    Great lesson hitting on toe. Been doing this for 3-4 weeks with all woods, no irons. Will practice next 2-3 day’s as Mike illustrates. Hey, Tucson weather is great for Golf now!

    • Tenna Merchent says:

      Thanks for the feedback, and glad to hear you’re enjoying Tucson!


      • Jim Conrad says:

        I’ve been working on the range quite a bit, as overseeding is in progress. Since first viewing Clay and Mikes demo on Toe hitting, I have been able to correct the issue. Now, to take it to the
        ” course ” next week. Hope it’s not between the ears (: