Improve the Quality of your Putting Practice

By: Tenna Merchent on May 10th, 2012

In this short video Jon Stutz shows you how to improve you putting by using 4 tees. It’s simple, inexpensive, easy, and effective.


Welcome to Purgatory Golf Club here in Noblesville, Indiana. My name’s Jon Stutz, I’m a golf professional here. We’re right on our practice putting green working on a little bit on putting today. A couple things that I find are really key and important factors in putting, one is that we need to make solid contact with that putter. We need to find the middle of that putter face. So I set up a couple drills here. A couple tees to help us promote that. I’ve also got a couple tees in front of us here that are going to control where we start the ball, because another key in putting is being able to start the ball on the line that we’re looking for. So you can see, I’ve got some tees set up here. I’ve got the putter about the width of those tees. So as I swing that putter in-between those tees, you can get a nice, solid contact with my putter in the center of the putter face. If I’ve got it aimed correctly and I make a good stroke, I’m hopeful that that ball is going to roll between those two tees in front of us, and here, we can control where I’m starting the ball. So as I get ready to go, you can see, for an example, if I was to pull that ball, and hit that tee, it’s not nearly as good of a roll, okay? So my objective is to try to get lined up, let’s see if I can hit between these gates, and make it into the hole. You can see there, I didn’t do a very good job with that one. That’s a little better, I got it between tees, I was able to control where I’m starting the ball, and get it into the hole. So again, this is a nice little way to practice some shorter putts, promoting the solid contact with the putter, with those tees about a putter-widths head apart. Control where you think the balls should start, put a little gate there, so you can see whether or not you’re starting the ball on the correct line. Hopefully this will help you, and it’s a great way to practice your putting.

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