Improve Your Golf Game by Practicing Lag Putting

By: Tenna Merchent on May 11th, 2012

In this short video, Jon Stutz shows you how to improve your golf game by focusing on two putting. Instead of standing up to the ball and trying to knock it in the hole right away, he suggests focusing on getting the ball to stop within two feet of the hole. This way you are set up for a two putt on every green, something we’d all be happy to achieve.

With lag putting you are focusing on speed of the ball, because you don’t want it to go flying past the hole. You want that ball to stop within a two foot radius of the hole, that way, all you have to do is go up, and tap it in. He uses tees in this lesson to help you envision the halo around the hole. Hope you like our video! If you do, leave us a note!


Hi, Jon Stutz coming to you from Purgatory Golf Club in Noblesville, Indiana. Hopefully you get a chance to come out and visit us, and when you do, take advantage of our nice practice putting green. We’re out here today working a little bit on our short game, working on some putting. I want to share a couple things with you, a couple of things to think about when you out to play. When you come out to play at Purgatory, you’ll notice, if you haven’t had a chance, or if you have, you know we have some larger greens, and lag putting is an important aspect of being able to maneuver around the golf course and shoot a score that you’re comfortable with. I find a lot of the time, when people go to the putting green, they practice the shorter ones, but maybe they don’t hit as many long ones as they can. I’m here to give you a couple ideas to work on in your lag putting, to try to get the ball up around that nice little radius that makes your second putt real easy. So for example, I’ve got a couple balls here, and we’re going down toward that flag, you may be able to see that you have some tees kind of in a half moon around behind the hole, and what my objective here, as I putt, is to try to get the ball to the hole and somewhere inside that halo. If I’ve done that, then my second put will be pretty simple to handle and make it an easy 2-put, which is a key ingredient in scoring well when you get to the longer areas. Now one of the things I try to do when I practice these puts is I’ll hit some of them with just one hand, okay? Now I’m just trying to get the feel, I feel like putting a lot of times, most of us who are right-handed golfers, if we were pitching a penny or something, very similar to what we try to do with putting. You want to feel and try to get the touch down with just your right hand. So I’m going to hit a couple with just my right hand here, okay. Yeah, good drive, that roll the ball down there, work on my speed. Obviously I didn’t get that one quite hard enough. I’d like to try to get it a little bit further down there, so I’ll work on that pace a little bit. Now that’s what I was trying to do, right up next to the hole is a pretty easy little second put, okay. So, again, that just kind of helps me feel the pace, feel the speed with the right hand, and then when I get up to take my second, you know, my putt, that I’m normal, of course, you put both hands on there, just trying to keep a nice, smooth rhythm with my putter. And again, still trying to get the feel with my right hand and trying to roll the ball down there, try to get it in that halo, somewhere close for that next putt’s real easy. I’m not trying to ram the ball in the hole from, I’m thinking more about distance and speed, trying to get it to die right around the cup, turn those 3 putts into 2 putts. Hope that helps, I’d love to see you out here at Purgatory Golf Club.

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