Karl Danneberger, Ohio State Professor has Another iBook

By: purgatorygolf on March 15th, 2013

Winter Injury book cover

Karl Danneberger, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, The Ohio State University has done it again. This amazing man has produced 5 separate and amazing iBooks (2 in another language). Having just completed my 1st iBook, I know exactly how much work is involved. It is no simple task.

His latest work is on Winter Injury, and it is co-authored with Karolina Ruzickova Hofferova who graduated from the Czech University of Life Sciences in Horticulture.

Because I’m such a visual person, it’s his images and videos that blow me away. I look at some of the picture, like the purple footprints on a putting green, and I understand the damage he’s trying to teach us about.

To top it all off, this book is free. If you’re a golf geek like me, you can’t wait to download it so you can show all your friends over dinner what snow molds really look like. When I found out he had another book out, it was like Christmas morning, and I haven’t even told James our Superintendent yet.

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