Links Magazine List Purgatory as 1 of 18 Worthy of a Major

By: Tenna Merchent on September 8th, 2011

Of course they mean a major golf tournament, and we would love to host one! Five is the highest score, one the lowest. They rated the course in five areas:

  1. Test of Golf, would the pros like it?
  2. Location, is it near a city, hotels, and are the greens bent grass?
  3. On-site Logistics, meaning how well would the site handle spectators and all the things that come with a big tournament.
  4. Blue Blazer Quotient, from their website “The USGA and PGA prefer courses with tradition and lineage. Designed by AW Tillinghast in 1935, Bethpage—no surprise—is a 5; John Daly’s Lions Den Golf Course in Dardenelle, Ark., is a 1.”
  5. Buzz Factor, would people talk about the event simply because of the site?

We scored a four in the first two categories, Test of Golf, and Location. Makes sense, the tour players could play from the tips and have an enjoyable yet challenging round of golf. We’re only 20 minutes from the north side of Indianapolis, and about an hour from the airport, so hotels and transportation are convenient.

Category three, and four we scored a lowly two, one respectively. On-site logistics would take some planning, but with the help of our local community could no doubt be orchestrated to come off without a hitch. The Blue Blazer Quotient, well they obviously don’t know much about the course’s architect Ron Kern. Kern is a second generation golf course architect. Not only is his father a golf course architect (Gary Kern), but Kern also grew up in the shadow of Bill Diddel. Bill was one of the founders and a Charter Member of the American Society Of Golf Course Architects and designed over 300 golf courses in Indiana. Kern has been overheard reminiscing about staking golf courses with Diddel as a small boy. Read about:

  • Ron Kern at
  • Gary Kern at
  • Bill Diddel at

Buzz Factor, we scored a middle of the road three. It has been our experience that people love the course, the name, the logo, and can you imagine the jokes on the Golf Channel, ESPN, or the local radio talk shows about Tiger spending time in Purgatory?

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