Love them Mower Tracks!

By: Tenna Merchent on May 31st, 2012

We golfers love our grass, the way it smells when it’s freshly cut, the way it looks when it’s wet, the way it sticks to our shoes, we even like the tracks left behind in the grass by the ubiquitous lawnmowers. Ubiquitous is just a long word that means appearing or found everywhere. Hey, I have to use all that SAT cramming I did in high school once in a while!

Anyway back to our obsession with grass. When I ran across the image the thing I admired was the mower tracks just to the right of the tall grass in the middle & lower right hand corner of the image. Funny isn’t it?

Of all the things I could have admired, like the gracefully sculpted bunkers, or the golden brown fescue that some people mistakenly call heather, I instead was drooling over the tracks left in the grass by one of the early morning mowers. Mower Tracks on the 16th Green

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