Nobody thinks they are the slow players

By: Tenna Merchent on December 18th, 2012

Almost no one thinks they are slow players. According to the Pope of Slope, when asked players “How would you rate your own pace of play?”

  • 57.8 % said they were fast
  • 37.4% responded average, and a measly
  • 4.8% admitted they were slow

When asked “How would you rate most golfers’ pace of play?” they got a similar but reversed response.

  • 56.2% said slow
  • 41.8% answered average
  • 2.0% said fast

More than half of the respondents believed they were fast, and everyone else was slow.

This is just the beginning of our discussion on pace of play, but for the moment, I would ask, do you think you are a slow, average or fast player?A

2 Responses

  1. Jeffery Passage says:

    Because I don’t want to slow down play, I typically do not go through a pre-shot routine. Just a couple practice swings and hit the ball. Move on. I could probably score better if I took more time to focus and pick my target. Also, I do not believe there is any empirical evidence to suggest that motorized golf carts actually speed up play. On the contrary, I have noticed that people who carry their own bags get to their balls faster, play faster, and score just as well. Find your ball, hit your ball, meet your friends on the green!

    • Tenna Merchent says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful response. Mike Merchent would certainly agree with you that walking is faster. There are many problems that a motorized golf cart present. You normally have 2 players on the same cart, so ideally you park between the 2, and take 3 clubs with you the one you think you need, and the 1 above and the 1 below.

      We’re going to be talking about this more, hope you continue to share your thoughts, and mostly, thank you for caring about speed of play!