Proper Golf Posture When Addressing The Ball

By: Tony Adragna on October 15th, 2013

Mike Merchent, Director of Golf at Purgatory Golf Club, demonstrates proper golf posture & setup. He shows quite clearly that the posture is the same whether you are using a sand iron or your driver. The hand and arms should always be in the same position.


Hi everybody, my name’s Mike Merchent, I’m the director of golf here at Purgatory Golf Club, this is Clay Merchent, Clay is going to assist me today, and today we’re going to talk about posture and setup. Now first, with posture, here’s what we want to do: we want to make sure that we bend from our hips, slightly bending our knees. Or you could go with the opposite – you could slightly bend your knees and then bend from your hips, but we want to make sure we bend from our hips. We don’t want to bend our knees too much, we don’t want to bend over too much. So Clay’s going to show me here his posture. Okay, you can see Clay’s got a little bit of knee flex, his back’s pretty flat, and he’s bending over from his hips. That’s perfect. Now, he gets to that position, just stand straight up, put your arms to your side. Now, slightly bend your knees, and then bend over from your hips, and then let your arms fall. Now you can see, as Clay just relaxes and his arms fall, that’s right where he’s going to hold the club, because his hands are directly below his shoulders, and that’s what you want. So that’s really good posture, a nice flat back, slightly bending your knees. Now, from a good posture position, we’re going to add his sand wedge to this. Now the sand wedge, that’s his shortest club in the bag. So the ball’s going to be a little closer to him, more towards the center of his stance, and you can see, as he sets up to it, go ahead and stay set up there, hands right below his shoulders, back’s nice and flat, slightly bending his knees. Now, keep a hold of your sand wedge there, I’m just going to lay your five iron right on top of you here. That’s where he would hold his five iron. And as you can see, his hand position doesn’t change, still right below his shoulders, he doesn’t reach for it, he doesn’t bend over any additional from his hips, so he’s in the same position with his five iron as he is with his sand wedge, and then we can add the driver, and you’ll find that the same thing applies here. The club’s going to be in the same position as it was with his sand wedge and his five iron, except the ball is a little bit further away from him, is a little bit more towards the instep of his left foot. So, hopefully the question that we answered there is “How do you set up to the ball?” “What’s your posture supposed to look like?” and “Does my posture change with the clubs?” And the answer is no. A sand wedge, a five iron, a driver, if you’re making it a full swing, you’re going to be set up the very same: bend from the hips, slightly bended knees, arms directly below your shoulders, and you just change whatever club that you want, whether it’s a sand wedge, five iron or driver, or anything in between, and it’s the same position every time. So once you’ve established good posture, and you’ve made a habit out of that, it will never change. You’ll maintain that posture through your setup position for the rest of your golfing career. Well, we want to thank you all for joining us today. This is Clay, I’m Mike, we’re here at Purgatory Golf Club. We’ll see you next time.

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