Sunrise over the 16th Green

By: Tenna Merchent on July 13th, 2011

Sunrise over 16 green

I took this photo last Saturday morning, obviously just after sunrise. I was standing on a mound facing east into the sun. You can see the clubhouse in the distance in the top right hand side of the image. If I could arrange my schedule, my husband’s, and my children’s I would be there every morning taking pictures, video tape, you name it.

There is a reason those first tee times are the most sought after, and it’s not just so you can get home and mow the lawn. The course is quite, you can hear the birds, there is mist on the lakes, and the light has a magical quality bestowed on it for only few moments after sunrise. It is simply invigorating, renewing, inspiring, and you can’t imagine being somewhere more peaceful.


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