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Final Installment on Bridgestone Balls

By: Tenna Merchent on May 25th, 2012

You may be beginning to wonder if we have stock in Bridgestone given all the coverage we have given them. The answer is no. We just like their products, and the technology they use for swing analysis.

In today’s blog/webcast, Clay & Scott discuss the different Bridgestone balls, and why a golfer would choose one over the other. We wrap up with some play on the few times the stumbled over their words with some outtakes. Hope you like this video!

Bridgestone Ball Fitting for a Senior Golfer

By: Tenna Merchent on May 24th, 2012

In this video we catch up with senior golfer Dick Merchent as he is fitted by Bridgestone for a proper golf ball for his swing. Tadd, the gentleman from Bridgestone, does a great job of explaining how the laser will capture his swing. Through this analysis, they are able to recommend a more appropriate ball than the one he was using, and they add an amazing 27 yards to his carry. That is without changing his swing at all, just changing his ball! It’s a no-brainer.

Dick is quite the comedian, and the bloopers at the end are worth watching. Hope you find this as educational as we did, and of course fun.

Junior Bridgestone Ball Fitting

By: Tenna Merchent on May 23rd, 2012

In this video junior golfer Clay Merchent is fitted by the Bridgestone Ball team for one of their balls. He is quite enthusiastic when it improves his carry by 20 yards. A side note that is not included in the video, he used the Bridgestone ball the following Saturday in a qualifying tournament and took first place. It’s pretty safe to say Clay is going to be a Bridgestone guy for at least a while. Hope you like our video.