Tee Variety

By: Aaron Konold on May 9th, 2013

tee it forward from 6061 yards 

Despite having six sets of tees for golfers, Purgatory can offer a bit more…or less it seems.  The pro shop has special Tee It Forward (TIF) scorecards for golfers who want a playable length at about 5,000 or 6,000 yards.

Purgatory joined this recent PGA and USGA initiative to add more options for enjoyable and fun golf.  Ask for a unique TIF scorecard on your next visit.

The combination cards use a set of different color tees to route a player.  The 4,892 yard course is blend of both Green and Yellow tees.

The same blending of different tees is true for the 6,061 yard layout.  In this routing various Blue, White, and Green tees are used.

With TIF, the fun and challenge of the holes is not derived from a focus on the length. Since every fairway in Architect Ron Kern’s course is designed to accept a drive from each tee box, selecting a desired total yardage is an easy task.

“By hitting more lofted irons into the greens than fairway woods and hybrids, players have a chance to play faster and have more fun,” said head professional, Jon Stutz.

“Golfers still have the challenge of Purgatory’s unique greens and bunkers, but their approach shots have a better chance to be on in regulation,” added Stutz.

For example, the difficult #2 hole from the 338 yard Green Tee changes from a long distance carry over water to a tee shot of accuracy. Water still confronts a tee shot, but it is now a lateral hazard to the left of the fairway.

“Our Tee it Forward initiative misses none of the unique and challenging features that make Purgatory such a great course. It just makes it more enjoyable,” said Mike Merchent, director of golf.

Slopes and ratings for postings are calculated for both men and women playing either of the scorecards. Ask the pro shop for your TIF card on your next visit. Chart your round and perhaps more fun.



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