The First Hole

By: Tenna Merchent on June 15th, 2011

These are photos I took recently, yes, at the crack of dawn at the golf course. This is the first hole aptly named Pride, after the first deadly sin. In medieval times, Pride was believed to be the basis of all other sins. The first hole is also the easiest hole on the course, so it can instill a false sense of pride when you play the course for the first time.

Most photographers believe that landscape photographs best in the magic hours of dawn and dusk. I have to agree. It’s inconvenient, but lovely.

I find it difficult to photograph golf courses because you have to get the proper angle to capture the topography. In this shot, the mist and sky were so beautiful, I compromised, and went for overall strength of the image.

I developed these photos in two different ways. Yes, they were shot in digital, but we still have a digital darkroom, it’s just on the computer. In the first and last images I composited two images to create what the human eye sees. We are able to see a much wider dynamic range as far as darks and lights go than any currently made camera. So to get the bright sky and the grass to both look like they do to the human eye, you have to use more than one image (normally).

In the middle image, I used computer software that specializes in combining multiple images (6 in this case) shot at different exposure values to create what is called a High Dynamic Range tone-mapped image. It is also commonly referred to as an HDR image. I couldn’t decide which I liked best, so I decided to include them both. If you have an opinion, please share it.

The first and third image are the same, simply cropped differently. I love the mist, and trying to highlight it in the image caused me to seek different angles.

Okay, just looked at them again. The third one is my fav.


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