Time Lapse Video Across the 1st Tee

By: Tenna Merchent on May 8th, 2012

I’ve always wanted to do a time lapse video, but I didn’t understand the technical aspects of how to capture the images and then stitch them together to create a movie. Time lapse movies take pictures more slowly than traditional video does, therefore it appears to speed things up, because of the gaps between shots.

For this video, I used my iTouch, stuck to the proshop window with poster tack, and used the app iTimeLapse from the app store to capture one image per second for 6,000 images at a resolution of 720×960. I then had the app stitch the images together at 24 frames per second with the same resolution.

I edited the video a little bit, added an opening and closing graphic, and some iLife music, and voila, our little time lapse mini piece (verses masterpiece 🙂

I’ve included a link to YouTube because the video was too big to load on our blog. Hope you like it!

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