Warm Weather is Almost Here

By: purgatorygolf on April 20th, 2013

Moonlit view of the clubhouse

It’s golf time, but the weather isn’t quite cooperating, at least if you want to ride in a cart. The weather is wet, and it’s cool, which inspired me to share this moonlit night shot of the clubhouse, fires in the fireplaces, a perfect night to be by the golden fire with something warm to drink.

So what are your options in this weather as a golfer? Well, you can bundle up and walk, which we’ve all done, and this would actually be a beautiful day in Scotland. You can also bundle up and hit balls on the range, which is probably the best option, because the exertion will eventually get you warm, and you may be able to practice in just a light jacket, so dress in layers. You could really bundle up and work on your short game, which we all need to improve, because as Clay Merchent says, “Putting is boring!”

So bottom line, bundle up, warm weather is almost here!

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