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By: Tenna Merchent on August 23rd, 2012

Twitter is wonderful, it moves quickly, there is news, talk between members, ranting, gossiping, you name it it’s out there. The downside risk is, there is also a lot of noise. Maybe you aren’t in the mood to hear a PGA player rant about the crazy spectator that told him he should play left handed because then he’d win more tournaments. Or maybe hearing that rant would make you laugh and lighten your day. That is where lists come in, they filter the noise, at least some of it.

We follow several lists created by other people, and we have a few that we’ve created. The PGA Tour Twitter account has a list of PGA tour players that is officially verified, because you know, unfortunately people do pretend to be someone that are not on the internet (insert gasp here!) They also have a list of the Web.com tour players that Tweet, a golf media list, and a PGA tour caddies list to name a few.

The Golf Channel also has a list of LPGA tour players that Tweet, I especially enjoy this list as they often have something witty to say and frequently include a photo.

Then to clean up your own noisy Twitter feed you can separate those you follow into lists, and a list does not have to be public. If it is a private list, no one can see it but you.

For instance Twitter is how I found out about golf punk on-line magazine which features Ian Poulter on the front this month, it takes a while to load, so be patient. It looks like the debut issue, but I read on Twitter that it was “back”. It’s worth checking out.

I tend to enjoy the funny comments I read from the PGA & LPGA tour players, and often retweet them. We also share brief announcements and updates on Twitter.

The internet and social media are here to stay, and I have found that Twitter can brighten my day, and bring me news at the same time, which is a big ticket to fill. I hope you find it worth while also.


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