Wedding Photography

By: purgatorygolf on July 1st, 2013

Mandy has been kind enough to forward some links to wedding photography that has been done at Purgatory. I of course look at everything from a photographer’s perspective.

The 1st link I’m going to share is from Tall and Small Photography (photos by Mike and Erin Lee). These are images from Stephanie & Drew’s wedding. They are all well done, captured with both technical and artistic expertise. My two favorites are the 5th one from the bottom, where the Drew is lifting Stephanie in the air, and the final image where they are both backlit.

The second group is from m.e. g. Photograhy. These images are equally well done. It’s funny though, the same location, Purgatory Golf Club, but a different photographer, and of course, a different bride and groom, and the feel is completely different. For Melissa & Tyler’s wedding, while capturing the couple and festivities, she also was able to include many of the nuances and details, like the lace on the dress, the colors of the pastel rug outside, the detailed pattern of Melissa’s earrings, very nice touches.


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