What is the Goal with Golf Practice?

By: Tenna Merchent on December 22nd, 2011

What are you trying to achieve when you go to practice? Is it to lower your score, or simply burn off steam? If it is to burn off steam, by all means go out and whack your driver, but if it is to lower your score, it requires more.

The three most important clubs in your bag are your putter, your driver, and your chipper, in that order. An average of 43 percent of the strokes you make in a game of golf will be putts. The next highest is your woods, at 25 percent, followed by 13 percent chipping, 10 percent irons, and 5 percent hazard shots.

If you go to a professional golf tournament, the touring pros warm up on the driving range with their wedges, and progress through a few of their clubs before they hit their driver. And they ALL spend time on the putting green.

You will also notice the pros are not making changes to their swing on the day of a tournament, they are simply practicing, and getting warmed up. On the day of a tournament, they need to be playing without thinking about it.

So when you go to practice, ask yourself, “What is the goal?”


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