What Makes a Signature Golf Hole?

By: Tenna Merchent on December 4th, 2012


Our friend Brian Cable recently asked us “What is your signature hole?” Seems like a simple and harmless question doesn’t it? Well we had a friendly argument over the subject! It went something like this:

“Well 17 is the obvious one.”

“Just because it’s the most photographed hole in Indiana, does not make it our signature hole. It’s really not that representative of the course, because the hole’s not that hard. It’s an island green, and once you get over the visual intimidation, it’s not that challenging.”

“It’s 13!”

“No, no, no, just because 13 is the longest doesn’t mean it represents the course!”


“No 10!”

“All of our holes are signature!”

Okay, so on the deepest level, that’s probably the answer I agree with the most. But at the same time, I’m pretty sure that would have sounded like PR dribble to Brian.

So then came the discussion, what really is a signature hole? Is it the hole that is most representative of your overall experience at the course? If that’s the answer, then I proposed 16. But my peers would have argued with me. You see everyone at Purgatory Golf Club has their own favorite hole, and none of them are the same. That’s actually a good thing.

So we came back to the idea that the signature hole, for us at least, is the hole with the most visual impact, the one you walk up to and gasp because of it’s beauty, uniqueness, and memorability. It that is the definition, the answer is without a doubt 17, Hell’s-Half Acre, the par 3 surrounded by an ocean of sand.

Thank you to our buddy Brian Cable for such a fun intellectual departure from the ordinary, and into a lively high-spirited debated about our signature hole(s).

By the way you can find Brian at https://twitter.com/bcable and http://thatcableguy.com.




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