Which image do you like better?

By: Tenna Merchent on September 18th, 2012
Painterly version of the second hole

This is the same image rendered in a painterly fashion.

The second hole

This is the original image with no painterly style applied

The reason we are asking is we are working on an e-book for Purgatory that will include a lot of our photography & artwork. Each image has to be laid out according to specific standards, and it is quite time consuming. Therefore, it is important that we decide now, before we go to a great deal of effort, which style appeals to our golfers the most.

So, what do you think?

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One Response

  1. Denny says:

    Would like to take the two hour drive from greater Cincinnati to play this course. A friend says it plays to it name. Difficult with a lot of fairway bunkers and waste areas that can create havoc for the inaccurate golfer. A challenge that would make one swell with pride if he played it well.