Why such Low scores at the BMW at Crooked Stick Golf Club?

By: Tenna Merchent on September 8th, 2012

The fairways are generous, some might say wide, the greens are subtle, and the rough is well manicured.

It has been raining all week, so the fairways and greens are soft. The pros are willing to take more risks with their tee shots because they know their tees shots will land on the soft wet fairway, and roll maybe 10 feet. If they hit it poorly, this week, they don’t risk the ball hoping another 20 yards into the rough. The ground is soft, wet and spongier.

They can also be more aggressive with their approach shot and aim right for the flag even if it’s at the top of a mound. They know their ball will stick when it lands on the green, and roll just a little way because how wet the ground is this week.

Add to that the lift, clean & place rule, which is like teeing your ball up in the fairway, and now you’ve got a recipe for really low scores.

With low golf scores:

  • The players are happier
  • The rounds go more quickly,
  • TV ratings are higher,
  • Every fan likes to see their favorite golfer make birdies.

Sounds pretty good to me. So now I have to figure out what Purgatory Golf Club can do to achieve such low scores when we have a tour event. That’s right, they could play from our far forward tees! We’re ready for ya guys!

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