Why would you care about our tees?

By: Tenna Merchent on September 25th, 2012

For several reasons:

  • A tee made from clay can be extremely difficult to use when teeing your ball up on a hot day
  • The alignment of a rectangular tee, if only slightly off, can cause you to hit your tee ball off line, because you will instinctively (and logically) line your ball up with the tee
  • The slope of the tee affects what type of condition the grass will be in when you play, and also player safety
  • The size of the tee will also have a direct impact on the quality of the tee, because the smaller it is, the more wear and tear per square foot
  • The yardages, and tee selection will be of greater interest for both the low and high handicap player

You will find that our tees were constructed from a mixture of sand, organic matter, and soil. This makes the tee softer when teeing the ball, but hard enough to withstand traffic and to hold nutrients.

You can also trust the alignment of our rectangular tees to point you to the best shot from that tee box.

It will be hard for you to see that the slope of our tees is 1%, but you will be able to see the benefit of that slope because our tees are in such good condition. During construction we used the same laser leveling technology that was first used at Augusta National, home of the Master’s.

You’ll also see that our tee sizes are quite generous, and that also contributes to their lovely condition.

Most importantly, many of you will be pleased with our varied tee selection. We have a minimum of six sets of tees on every hole, so whether you are a scratch golfer, or a high handicapper, there is a tee that will suit your game. It’s worth emphasizing that we rate them by handicap, not age or gender. We intentionally put the red tees in back, the longest tees on the course, to break the gender association with tee selection.

At Purgatory Golf Club we put a great deal of thought, energy, and money into your tee selection. We hope you find them as wonderful to play on as we do!



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